Hand Carved Sculptures by Kamran Kiani

Hand carved laelia orchid by Kamran Kiani

Born in Tehran, the second son of Russian emigres, Kamran Kiani experimented with wood carving while in junior high school, but did not seriously resume this craft till years later. After graduating in 1968 from the School of Architecture at the University of Florence, Italy, he later settled in San Francisco, CA, where he worked in architecture and product design, creating the first laptop computer case for Steve Jobs, founder of a then fledgling company called Apple. He eventually acquired Scale Models Unlimited and moved his company to Memphis, TN, continuing to build architectural and engineering scale models for major developments from single buildings to entire cities (even a full model of the entire city of San Francisco) as well as providing supplies to the model making community.

Kamran Kiani, 3548 Carnes Avenue, Memphis TN 38111
email: sculptures@kamrankiani.com